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January 8    (Day 8)
"God Loves Everyone"

Passage: John 4:5-30 KJV

Jesus was traveling, and being tired and thirsty, he sat down by a well. A Samaritan woman came by to draw water, and Jesus asked her for a drink. She asked, "Why are you asking me for water; for you are a Jew and I'm a Samaritan, and we have no dealings with one another?"

Jesus replied, "If you knew about the gift of God and Who I was, then YOU would have asked me a drink from living water."

The woman was puzzled, and asked how that He could give her living water, because He didn't even have a bucket to draw it with and the well was deep. But Jesus said that she could have this living water just by asking forgiveness. The woman said, "Noone could forgive me for all the wrong I've done?" Jesus told her that He would forgive ANYONE who would ask Him, even her, who had been with five husbands. The Samaritan woman was shocked! How in the world did He know about that?! Surely this must be the Saviour! So she  ran home rejoicing; for now this lliving water had washed her sins away!

The point I wanted tobring out in this passage is that God can save ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, and at ANYTIME, who ask. The Bible says, "WHOSOEVER shall call upon the name of the Lord shalt be saved," "For God so loved the WORLD...that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life." It dosen't matter your gender, race, color, age, or ANYTHING you have done! Jesus gave His ALL to paid for it ALL for ALL! We see others by how the look on the outside, but God sees the heart. If you are saved then God dosen't see all the sin you've done, all He sees is the blood of Jesus that washed all your sins away! It's  your choice. All you have to do is believe on Him and ask Him to forgive all your sin. Now you have this living water living within you! 


January 9    (Day9)

"Our Testimony"
Passage: John 4:42, "And said unto the woman, Now we believe, not because of thy saying:for we have heard Him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the world."

Many times in our lives, we consider success when we accomplish or complete something. I often think about success, and have found that all it lies in is doing your BEST . That's the way is can be with witnessing sometimes. When someone turns a deaf ear to you or slams the door in your face, do you consider it failure? You shouldn't. This Samaritan woman told her people and at first they didn't believe; but she had planted the seed, and because of her, they came and heard Jesus. That's when they believed! We should continually be telling others about Jesus, and just because noone seems to be receptive, we shouldn't give up. Our job may have just been to plant the seed.

Another thing I noticed was that it might have also been the change in her life and attitude that convinced them to see Jesus. Is there a difference in your life, different then the world? As a Christian, this world should notice the change and difference in our life.


January 10    (Day 10)


Passage: Matthew 27:11-26  (notice verse 24); Mark 15:1-15 KJV

These passages tell the story of when Jesus was brought before Pilate. The Jews had accused Jesus, saying that He proclaimed to be God, and that by their law, should be put to death. Pilate questioned Jesus and appeared before the multitude, telling them that he had found no fault in Jesus, and Jesus had done nothing to deserve death. The crowd cried in an uproar, Crucify Him," and Pilate began to fear the people. So he told them that they could have their way with Jesus, and that if any blood was shed, it would be upon their head. So Pilate washed his hands, so that the guilt of shedding innocent blood would not be upon him.

Have you ever wandered, "Could we be like Pilate?" The world is constantly putting Jesus down- lower and lower, and taking Him out of our schools, courts, and other public places. While this is continually happening around us, what are we doing about it? It is our jobs as Christians to take a stand-it is our place (just like Pilates) to do something about it. But instead, we just remain silent. We don't like what’s going on, but we do nothing about it, because we don't want to get involved.

Then, "What About ME"

Pilate was scared because of the multitude that had gathered, and by washing his hands, he was signifying that he had nothing to do with what was to transpire. He knew it was wrong and was not innocent. He had the power to stop it, but cared more about himself, and what might happen to him, if he tried. If we tell others to quite cussing or we pray before we eat lunch, others might think we're weird and not want to hang around us anymore. That may happen, but life isn't all about us, it’s about Him.

Then, we try to pass the buck.

It's the pastor's or deacons' job to do that. NO IT"S NOT! If you see something wrong, then it's your responsibility to fix it.. When Pilate washed his hands, he was pretty much putting the blame on the crowd. But he was also at blame. He had the power to stop it, but he didn't. If we can do anything about the things that are going on around us, then it's our duty to do it. We can't do this alone, but with God's and other Christian's help; but it's still our responsibility.

When we see or hear people at school or work criticize Jesus or cuss, what are we doing about it?